Monday, October 26, 2015

Third Season, Prod, and unsorted ALL BLURAY fantastic resolution LOST IN SPACE TV series Blu-ray screenshots

ALL THESE ARE FROM LOST IN SPACE Blu-ray Edition released September 2015

LOST IN SPACE TV SERIES Blu-ray has excellent resolution never seen before as the transfer comes straight from the original 35mm negatives. 99.9%+ of all frames are of cinema quality. The result is an astounding visual experience.

 Constr. price &175,000 according to TV Guide
 Visit To A Hostile Planet
 Condemned Of Space
 Hunters moon
  Visit To A Hostile Planet

 EXCELLENT color giant & chariot prod footage comes with LIS blu-ray
and the resolution is just fantastic.

 Space Circus

 The Dream Monster
 The Ghost Planet
 The Deadly Games Of Gamma 6

 A Change Of Space

 Below: image composite variant re: "A Change Of Space"

 At least 36min of excellent cinema-quality footage of production.
It's every bit as clear as the images on this page.

 Hunters Moon: This viewport shot is 2sec long and console lights do NOT flash as they normally should because it's all painted on glass or acrylic with the planet / space in back ground being a different element. You can see it sometimes in the third season, it's pretty cool but what's best is that the unparalleled resolution in this Bluray sees incredible detail like never seen before because it comes from the original 35mm negatives. These conditions produce fantastic results preserving resolution.
Practically every frame of LIS Blu-ray is cinema quality and it's like the 2001 stargate to anyone who grew up watching Lost In Space TV series

 Hunters Moon has great space / landing scenes, props,
its just fantastic.

 Hunters Moon

 Hunters Moon

 Hunters Moon

 Note Para-Jet in lower right of table from Sea 1