Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This tells you why the wires suspending the Martian ships are easy to see.
From IMDB:

Modern viewers often complain that the wires used to suspend the Martian war machines are plainly

visible throughout the film. The film was originally shot in three strip Technicolor, with prints made

using a dye transfer process that resulted in very saturated colors but a slight reduction in overall

resolution. This reduction in resolution "fuzzed out" the wires in original prints, making them

effectively invisible. Later prints were made in Eastman Color, which uses a photographic process and

yields sharper prints, but here had the side effect of making the support and electric wires plainly

visible. (The models had electrical wires as the side pods of the machines really lit up green and the

"cobra heads" lit up as well.) It is common practice in the film industry to take into account what details

will be visible when a print is projected so as not to waste production time and money on details that

will never actually be visible to a viewing audience, especially in the areas of effects and matte

paintings. Thus the filmmakers never thought the wires would be visible and in fact they weren't until

the first Eastman Color prints of the film were struck in the late 1960s, and they have become even

more visible on modern video releases as there is no dye sublimation resolution loss when making

video masters from the original negatives.

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